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How strong is your personal branding?

Imagine you’re preparing for an interview. You’d spend some time researching your potential employer online beforehand, but have you ever considered that they will almost certainly be doing the same thing? In fact, 93% of employers said they will search for your social media profiles during the interview process. Even if your interview goes perfectly and you have all the right experience for the role, if an employer sees something about you they don’t like on social media, they may well think twice about offering you the job.

This is especially true for marketing roles, where a good knowledge on social media and online marketing is almost always a requirement. It’s hard to convince employers you’d be able to manage their online branding if your own isn’t in order.

Spending some time cleaning up and improving your personal brand can really pay dividends for your future career. Not only will interviewers like what they see, but it’s also your chance to impress future employers with your professional experience, knowledge and insight. Do it well enough and they are likely to come to you!

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