Want to progress your career in marketing? Make sure you have the four Cs.

Recruiters are often accused of simply ticking boxes; that is, matching skills and experience on a candidate’s CV to a client’s job specification, without taking the time to really evaluate how well a jobseeker will work in the role. For unsuccessful applicants, it can be particularly frustrating to be rejected simply because you haven’t got a certain qualification or experience in a particular sector.

The Tarsh Partnership are grown-up recruitment consultants. We take the time to get to know our candidates and their hopes, aims and ambitions, so we can find them roles that will support their long term career goals. However, we are also extremely honest about our ability to assist them in their search, and that means we don’t just fire off CVs for every role going.

While we are definitely not ‘tick box’ recruiters, there are some core skills that we look for in all marketers; those abilities that need to be mastered if you want to have a successful career in marketing. These are the key attributes that constantly appear on our client’s job specifications.

You’ve no doubt heard of how having a sound grasp of the 4 Ps of marketing (also called the marketing mix) is vital to marketing success. While it’s important not to become overly proscriptive, I see the 4 Cs of marketing as equally important skills to demonstrate in an interview.


I may be a cliché to stress the important of creativity in marketing, but it is still a key requirement for most marketing roles. Often confused with design skills, creativity isn’t about being able to lay out advertisements or other marketing collateral, but instead about the ability to identify appropriate and effective creative treatments, while coming up with original consumer focused ideas. Which brings us to…

Consumer Focus

Understanding your consumer lies at the heart of all successful marketing campaigns and it is a vital skill for all marketers. Being able to put yourself in the place of your customer and identify their needs is as important for the most analytical research marketer as it is for the best creative communications specialist. Which handily leads on to…

Communication Skills

Being able to communicate effectively with your consumers is what marketing is all about, but it’s equally important to be able to communicate well with your line reports, peers and managers internally. You will be judged on your communication skills in interviews through the way you express yourself, as well as through examples of previous successful campaigns. Of course these campaigns must always have a…

Commercial Focus

In today’s financially volatile world, it’s essential for any marketing professional to be able to deliver results and prove their commercial impact on the company. Modern marketers need to have a sound grasp of analytics and understand how to translate reporting into actions that generate commercial success. You should have examples of this throughout your CV and ready to bring out in any interview.

These four skills are the foundations of a successful career in marketing and it is vital you are able to convince an interviewer that you have a solid grasp of all four.

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