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  • Are reference checks still necessary?
    Louis Williamson
    Reference checking is traditionally seen as the last stage of the recruitment process; the final hoop to go through before you can make a formal offer to the candidate. Many employers simply don’t bother checking references – only 62% of HR professionals believe you should conduct reference checks
  • How to hire a… Brand Manager
    Tarsh Partnership Marketing
    If you’re planning to hire a new Brand Manager, it can be tricky to know how to evaluate candidates, particularly if you’re not a marketer yourself. This free guide will help you to build a job description or set criteria for comparing candidates. Including: typical responsibilitiesqualifications & educationexperience
  • Tarsh Recommends: The best podcasts for UK marketers
    Tarsh Partnership Marketing
    The popularity of podcasts is soaring in the UK; the number of people who listen to one each week has almost doubled in five years to 11% of adults and 23% have listened to a podcast in the past month. From TED talks, in-depth investigative journalism, and BBC
  • Cover Letters Dos and Don’ts
    Janine Darley
    Cover letters are one of the most important parts of the application process, but many candidates write them as an afterthought, despite spending hours perfecting their CV. For marketing jobseekers, this is particularly ironic, as the cover letter is your chance to set out your shop window and
  • How embracing neurodiversity could give you a competitive advantage
    Louis Williamson
    Diversity is a hot topic at the moment. Employers of all types and sizes have been introducing policies designed to promote diversity and inclusion and ensure that gender, ethnicity, sexuality and disability are no barriers to being hired. However, one area that is still being neglected in recruitment
  • An effective onboarding checklist for marketers
    Adam Tarsh
    Onboarding is the process of welcoming a new employee to your company and ensuring they acquire the knowledge and skills they need. An induction should cover their specific tasks and responsibilities, but also the company’s values and working culture. Temps and freelancers also need effective onboarding to perform
  • Designing Brand Identity
    Tarsh Partnership Marketing
    by Alina Wheeler Now in its fifth edition, this bestselling classic is an extremely useful tool for anyone working to create a brand strategy or identity. It is a complete resource of the tools needed for branding success, from research, strategy, design, launch and management, plus many best
  • Tempted to ‘ghost’ an interview? Here’s why you should think again.
    Alex Hooper
    ‘Ghosting’ is a term that comes from the world of online dating, when one party cuts off all communication without any prior warning. It’s made possible by modern methods of communication – it’s easier to screen calls and block contacts than it is to have a difficult conversation
  • Lean Marketing: what marketing teams can learn from startups
    Adam Tarsh
    New marketing channels, technologies and tools have given marketers more opportunities than ever before, but there are also more demands on your time. How do you know which areas to really focus on and which to leave until later? The lean, or agile, methodology is a way of
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