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  • The Choice Factory
    Tarsh Partnership Marketing
    By Richard Shotton In order to influence how consumers make purchasing decisions, you need to understand what influences their choices. Marketing Week columnist and Deputy Head of Evidence at Manning Gottlieb OMD Richard Shotton claims that there are 25 key biases that affect consumer purchases, which marketers and
  • Want to progress your career in marketing? Make sure you have the four Cs.
    Louis Williamson
    Recruiters are often accused of simply ticking boxes; that is, matching skills and experience on a candidate’s CV to a client’s job specification, without taking the time to really evaluate how well a jobseeker will work in the role. For unsuccessful applicants, it can be particularly frustrating to
  • Is data killing creativity in marketing?
    Adam Tarsh
    The evolution of digital marketing, driven by developments in technology and communications, has given marketers access to more data about their campaigns than ever before. While it may seem that the more information the better, many marketers now feel that creativity is being overwhelmed by an ocean of
  • How employee volunteering can help you recruit and retain staff
    Janine Darley
    Volunteers’ Week takes place on the 1st – 7th June each year; celebrating the impact that volunteers make across the UK. This is an ideal time to look at introducing employee volunteering into your organisation’s CSR programme and how it can boost employee engagement and attraction, as well
  • Google Trends
    Tarsh Partnership Marketing
    Google Trends is a free tool based on the Google search engine that shows how often search terms are entered in various regions and languages. It can show you which topics are trending, lets you compare different terms and displays related queries. Although the tool was originally designed
  • Writing the perfect marketing CV (Infographic)
    Tarsh Partnership Marketing
    Whether you are writing your very first marketing CV or revamping an existing CV, it can be confusing deciding which information to include and how to structure it. How long should a CV be? What’s the best format to use? Should you include a photo? Our infographic below
  • Mental Health in Marketing
    Louis Williamson
    Today is the start of Mental Health Awareness Week, organised by the Mental Health Foundation each year to help promote awareness and understanding of mental health issues. While marketing may not be as high-stress as some careers, such as health or social care, recent research from NABS, the
  • Why it’s vital to give post-interview feedback
    Adam Tarsh
    Imagine you are a jobseeker who’s just finished interviewing with your company. You’re excited about the role and eager to find out if you’ve made the grade, but you don’t hear anything back for several weeks. Eventually, you may get a generic email telling you that the job
  • Non-Obvious 2018 Edition: How To Predict Trends and Win The Future
    Tarsh Partnership Marketing
    By Rohit Bhargava Rohit Bhargava is a ‘trend curator’, marketing expert and author of five bestselling books. His insights into future trends have been used by some of the biggest companies and brands in the world, including Intel, Under Armour and the World Bank. Non-Obvious 2018 is the
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