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We have candidates from Marketing Assistant through to Marketing Director, across the UK to the EU and beyond, from classic brand to insight, from agency to brand consultant. All our candidates are carefully sourced, professionally managed and fully briefed on your company and your vacancy. The closeness of our relationship with them allows us to be genuine and honest when responding to your brief.

And we are persistent and diligent – we will not give in on a job role nor stop searching for that right candidate until you tell us to.

We do understand how time consuming the recruitment process is. From the writing of a brief through to the benchmarking of the salary; deciding the approach to take for the candidate search through to writing of the recruitment ad; the shortlisting of the candidates through to the arranging of the interviews; the offer of employment through to the date of starting; we can help with some or all of this and help the process run as smoothly and as quickly as possible.

Our Client Promise

  • We’ll appoint a dedicated account handler to act as a single point of contact for you
  • We’ll understand your brief, from technical skills through to cultural fit
  • We’ll be honest about our ability to meet the brief and the possible issues we may face
  • We’ll promote all opportunities as broadly as possible and champion your brief to candidates when appropriate
  • We’ll identify appropriate candidates and submit only CVs that match your brief
  • We’ll detail the thinking behind the submission of every candidate
  • We’ll arrange a convenient interview time for both you and the candidate
  • We’ll obtain detailed feedback from candidates after each interview
  • We’ll manage all follow-up interviews through to job offer and acceptance with honesty and integrity at all times
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