Google Trends

Google Trends

Google Trends is a free tool based on the Google search engine that shows how often search terms are entered in various regions and languages. It can show you which topics are trending, lets you compare different terms and displays related queries.

Although the tool was originally designed for journalists, Google Trends is a fantastic resource for marketers, giving them loads of insight into the products, events and services that matter to their audiences. Here are a few of the many ways marketers can use this extremely versatile tool.

Keyword Research

Google Trends is great way to validate the keywords you are currently using. You can compare different variations of your keywords and see which is most commonly used for searches, for example chocolate cookies is a much more common search term than chocolate biscuits, even in the UK.

Google Trends also displays popular search terms that are related to your keywords and shows if they are experiencing a rapid rise in popularity, which can help you keep your targeted SEO right up to date.

Content Marketing

Google Trends is an invaluable resource for content marketing, as it can give you ideas for content based on topics related to your core business, as well as demonstrating the popularity of those topics in your target audience. The tool can also help marketers link their subject matter to popular topics or themes.

So if you’re looking for content ideas around chocolate, the related topics and queries shown by Google Trends suggests you could cover recipes for hot chocolate or chocolate cake, different kinds of chocolate eggs or which types of chocolate are vegan.

The tool also helps marketers look for seasonal peaks in searches around their topics (the search data goes back to 2004) and plan content to release around those times. For example, searches for chocolate unsurprisingly peak around Christmas and Easter each year.

Adding Charts

Google Trends is a great reference source to use in your own content and the embed button featured in its charts and graphs makes it really easy to use them in an article.

Writing about how popular a new trend is? Why not use a Google Trends graph to illustrate that popularity and back up your opinion with hard evidence.

Brand Messaging

Google Trends can also be extremely helpful to marketers when they are looking to update their branding and create new messaging, by allowing them to research exactly which topics are of primary importance to their audience.

For example, if you are working on new packaging for a chocolate bar and trying to decide whether to emphasise that it is organic or that it’s fair trade, a search will reveal that searched for organic chocolate are higher, but that there are some peaks around searches for fair trade chocolate.

Visit the Google Trends website and try it out for yourself.
If you find any other ways to use this tool, why not let us know below?


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