Top Articles of 2018 from the Tarsh Partnership

Each week, the Tarsh Partnership publishes an article about careers, recruitment or trends in the UK marketing sector. Below are our most popular articles from 2018. We hope you find them useful!

Career Advice

Career Advice Articles

Infographic: Writing the Perfect Marketing CV

FMCG Brand Manager jobs

What do I need to get an FMCG Brand Manager job?

Marketing Salaries 2018:
How much should your next job pay?


Recruitment Advice Articles

Overqualified marketing candidates

Too good to hire? Don’t overlook overqualified candidates

Why it's vital to give post interview feedback

Why it’s vital to give post-interview feedback

Is it too easy to apply for a marketing job?


What's Happening

What’s Happening?

Mental Health in Marketing

Mental health in marketing

specialist vs generalist marketing

Should marketers be specialists or generalists?

Diversity in marketing

Does marketing have a diversity problem?


Tarsh Recommends

Google Trends

Google Trends

Non-Obvious 2018 Edition: How to predict trends and win the future



Free Downloads

A practical guide to interviewing marketers

Smart Ways to Shortlist Marketing Candidates

Flexible working in the UK marketing sector


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